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Is It True That Organic Compost Is Good For The Garden Or Is That Garbage?

Actually, organic compost is garbage. Compost is truly nothing more than your own personal garbage dump. Anything and everything that normally would have gone into your garbage disposal and down the drain has been used in making good compost! Including some items that you would never think of adding-- like vacuum sweepings, mattresses and used disposable diapers! That are nevertheless—also organic!

How can you tell what’s organic and what’s not? Simple! If anything was growing or once was alive—it’s organic! And a worthwhile additive to the old compost pile. But there’s a little more to know about how to compost than just dumping a disposable diaper onto a pile of kitchen garbage.

Finally, A Way To Dispose Of Baby’s Disposable Diapers—Organically!

In addition to baby’s contribution to the composting pile, you can also add grass clippings, leaves and plant cuttings to your leftover kitchen scraps. Add a squirt or two of solid or liquid fertilizer. If you can put your hands on any kind of manure, grab it. There’s nothing more organic or better for your compost than what nature provides. Sprinkle this whole mess with water. Then put it all in a nice, out of the way corner in the sun if possible, downwind of course!

Soon, this mixture will generate heat, decompose and become compost, organic-style-- the best food your plants have ever tasted!  Now here’s how to spread it on:

  • Add 2– 3 inches of compost to your lawn or garden area.
  • Spade the mixed compost to a depth of 6 inches, level with a rake.
  • Sow seeds or live plants, following how to plant instructions.
  • Water thoroughly after planting, then daily until plants are well established.


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