Growing Vegetables In Small Spaces

While a huge garden with almost limitless space is a dream for most gardeners, the reality is we usually only have a fraction of what we would like.

Some of us might even be limited to a few small planters on a porch or balcony.

Don’t let that discourage you though. It just means you need to plan a little differently.

You’ll want to grow vegetables that are high yielding. For example, a single zucchini planted in a container could produce a dozen or more fruit over the course of the summer, where the same container planted with spinach might only produce enough for a single serving (or less).

Lettuce, pole beans, tomatoes and zucchini are all good choices for high yielding vegetables.

It’s also a good idea to consider the cost of buying vegetables and the difficulty of finding them. Main crop potatoes are easy to find in any supermarket and are cheap, so they don’t make sense for a small garden. Out-of-season potatoes are a different story though. If you plan it well, you could have them fresh from your own garden when they cost an arm and a leg in the stores.

Ease of growing is also a factor in a small garden. If you have a number of plants in a larger garden, it’s not going to be as big a deal if one of them fails as it will if it’s the only plant you had room to grow.