Avoiding Weeds In Your Vegetable Garden

I hate weeding my garden. I would much rather spend my time doing something more productive or even just sitting and enjoying the garden.

Fortunately, there are several things that can help prevent weeds in the first place, so you won’t have to deal with them once the garden is planted (or at least, not nearly as many of them).

1. Clear the ground before you plant Before you plant, put some extra time into clearing the soil of any perennial weeds. Make sure you get as much of the root as possible – not just the part that’s visible.

2. Don’t disturb the soil during routine care Cultivating the soil in your garden can bring weed seeds up to the surface where they can sprout. Try to keep the soil disturbance to a minimum
when maintaining your garden throughout the growing season.

3. Crop rotation Some crops are more capable of fighting weeds than others. For example, potatoes can crowd out the weeds a lot more easily than onions. By rotating your crops around your garden from one year to the next, it’s less likely that weeds will build up in one part of it.

4. Mulch Cover bare soil with mulch to keep weeds from getting the light they need to grow. This can be organic mulch, such as rotted compost, or inorganic mulch such as landscape cloth. Organic mulch is easier to spread between the vegetables you have planted. It should be one to three inches deep to suppress weeds.