How To Have A Constant Supply Of Vegetables

Have you ever found yourself with way too much of a vegetable when the time comes that it’s ready to harvest? It’s certainly happened to me – I’ve had to give vegetables to everyone I can find to get rid of them.

The problem is the way most people plant their garden – a row of one vegetable, another row of a second one and so on.

The more effective way to plant that will give you a steady supply of vegetables over a longer season is called succession planting.

Basically, instead of a single row of each vegetable split a single row into multiple vegetables. So one row might have 3 or 4 sections, each with its own seeds planted.

Then two weeks later, plant the same group in the second row. Two weeks later, do it again in the third row.

This way, each row will be ready to harvest two weeks after the previous one, giving you a fresh supply for longer, and keeping you from having to find ways to get rid of all the extras.