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Greenhouse Kits and Supplies Let You Grow Plants and Seeds - Even if the Weather Isn't Cooperating

Greenhouse kits and the right greenhouse supplies can be a bargain in the long run. You would be surprised at how much money you can save over the years by starting your own vegetables from seeds. A packet of seeds can grow many plants, at a fraction of the cost of buying them as transplants. When you consider how much you can save, multiplied by many years, a greenhouse kit and greenhouse accessories can be a good investment.

Aside from the possible savings, green house kits can give you year-round enjoyment. Gardening is a fantastic hobby, but in most areas you're limited to certain seasons. With a greenhouse and the right green house supplies, you can control the climate any way you want and you could be harvesting fresh vegetable gardens in the middle of winter, with a foot of snow on the ground.

Get Control Over Your Vegetable Garden by Growing the Plants You Choose

If you live in an extreme climate - either hot or cold - you may not be able to grow some of the vegetables you would like to try. With a greenhouse kit, you can choose to grow almost anything. Now you can try all those neat vegetables you see every year in the seed catalogs, but were never able to grow outside. Plus, with the right supplies in your greenhouse, you can do it more easily than you might think.

There are many styles and sizes of kits to build a greenhouse. You can find greenhouse plans to fit almost any yard, from a small corner of a townhouse yard to a multi-acre nursery. There are plans available on the internet, at your local gardening shop or even your local library, but when you start with these plans, you'll have to get all the materials organized yourself.

The best option for building a greenhouse is to work with a prepackaged kit. These kits include all the materials you need to build the greenhouse, and in some cases will include the basic equipment you'll need to get started. Your local home & garden center probably carries some kits, but they likely don't have a large selection.

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Attention Greenhouse Gardeners

greenhouse I don't have a greenhouse myself (waiting to move to acreage!) but I've had several readers recommend this greenhouse website.

Find more information about greenhouses and a large selection to choose from at this greenhouse kit website.


Most green house kits use glass, polycarbonate, or plastic. Each have advantages, but polycarbonate is the best choice in most cases. It is often treated to withstand UV rays, being in the sun all the time, so it doesn't discolor over time the way glass and plastic will. Polycarbonate is also more durable than glass when it comes to cracks and breaks. If you have kids or pets who play near your greenhouse, this will be a top priority.

Just like with your greenhouse kit, there are also many different types of supplies to use in your greenhouse. Things like garden lights, power centers, and misters are all supplies you should consider when you're thinking about your green house plans. It might sound like much more than you really need, but you might find that once you start enjoying your greenhouse, you want to start doing more with it. At the very least, planning for the ability to add these greenhouse accessories in the future should be part of your decision.


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